We are pleased to share messages we have received from family members of seniors to whom we have provided care over the past several years, which confirms to us that we are doing the best job we can!

Our ailing parents have been tenderly cared for and supported by Violet and all her staff over quite a number of years. First it was just light household help but developed into almost around the clock support until both of them moved to a full care facility. Even then they still looked in on them like family and provided help with doctor’s visits and the like.

Since my husband and I are the only family to deal with all the needs that arise with aging parents, it has been such a help and comfort to know that they have such wonderful additional help. We couldn’t have managed without All in One and can only recommend their services.
The Heoft Family

My dear dad was initially reluctant to have someone other than me or family friends "come in". But I lived 300 miles away and felt we needed someone to take him to appointments or to respond in an emergency when I could not be there. And so we began with All In One Home Health Care who came highly recommended. Their relationship began with hair appointments to Dad's barber of many years. Then to occasional doctor appointments which sometimes required a follow trip to the Lab. Then to twice weekly in-home visits to help with exercises to keep him strong. A resident of Assisted Living in Kelowna, Dad received the basic care he required but Violet and Pamela provided so much more! Like those foot massages after exercises. And all those appreciated texts Violet sent to me if she observed something amiss.

As my dad's health declined in his 99th year, Violet and Pamela became trusted, knowledgeable, intuitive friends to Dad and I. I once said "Violet I hate to ask more of you", to which she replied: ">Never be afraid to ask anything you need for your dad".

Violet sat with Dad in emergency and then hospital. And when the nursing staff felt he was not strong enough to return home, Pamela went in twice a day to get him up, walk, exercise, eat, even shave. She knew his base line of health in the ways the hospital could not. She knew what he needed to be his best self. In the closing months of my father's life, Violet and team took on Dad's morning care so he could stay in Assisted Living, working co-operatively with in-house care aides, taking the time each day to enrich his quality of life. In the end, I trusted my father's life to All In One Home Heath Care. They gave him dignity, pleasure, and exceptional care. And in doing so they gave me the opportunity to be a loving daughter. Our days were rich and beautiful because of the worry Violet lifted from my shoulders.

We were so fortunate to have your services, Violet. I will always remember what true, quality care is from what I learned from you.
Sher Morgan & Family

We can only say good things about Violet Faasse and her team at All In One. In 2009 they began working with our elderly father by driving him to and from a weekly coffee party that he attended. Over the course of the next six years their involvement steadily increased to include many day to day activities. They were available to accompany him to medical and dental appointments, monitor his medications, prepare meals, do laundry and housekeeping, provide companionship and be worthy cribbage opponents. He looked forward to his time with them very much. Early in 2015, at the age of 93, there was a significant increase in our father’s needs. Violet worked with us to develop a comprehensive care plan that was around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This meant that our dad was able to stay safe and comfortable in his own home until September 2016, a few days before he died.

Violet helped our family transition various stages of aging and the many different requirements that accompany them. She and her employees were always professional, knowledgeable, reliable, helpful, and caring. Violet and her team were an integral part of our family for many years and we could not have done what we did without them.
Nancy and Birk Hoehn, Mary and Tim Pells

For several years Violet and her team at All In One Health and Home Services Ltd. provided in home care, several hours daily, for my mother who, at the age of 97*, required assistance. All of the staff were attentive, respectful and even loving in their care. My mother was very fond of them all and their care allowed her to remain in her own home into her 99th year! I have no hesitation in recommending their services without qualification.
John Leathley

For over two years Violet and her staff have been very accommodating, caring and supportive of our family's efforts to provide safe, comfortable home care of our aging and ailing mother. While demonstrating empathy, solid organization and excellent communication, Violet and her staff kept our mother safe, comfortable and independent in her home.

Len Schuffels